The Central African Republic (CAR) doesn’t currently have a Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration (DDR) program hindered by the absence of a national political agreement that would facilitate funding and the implementation process. The AU office in CAR (African Union Mission for the CAR and Central Africa / MISAC) in accordance with its mandate, contributes to international efforts (G8-CAR) in supporting local authorities in the establishment and implementation of a sustainable DDR process for combatants and militias within the country.

Within the framework of the national reconciliation process and the proposed upcoming Bangui Forum in the near future, a nationwide popular consultation is underway with an active participation of MISAC within the country. MISAC alongside with the G8-CAR is currently supporting and facilitating the consultation process and preliminary findings from the consultations suggest a high demand for a comprehensive disarmament across the country. A final restitution workshop is expected after the consultations in order to manifest the country’s priorities such as DDR which might come out strongly.

The Bangui Forum would be a unique opportunity expected to bring together key actors in the CAR crisis to find a sustainable lasting situation to the conflict and AU through MISAC’s DDR section is supporting significantly various initiatives in order for national actors to come to agreements on a future DDR process.