Pursuant to a request from the AMISOM Special Representative to the Chair Person (SRCC), the AU convened a meeting from 24-29 June 2013 in Nairobi, Kenya with AMISOM, the Somalia Government, UNSOM, World Bank-TDRP and other partners. The meeting assessed the current situation on the ground and current efforts to operationalize the Somali National Strategy on Disengaged Combatants. Recommendations made during the meeting included the use of Serendi camp as the National Transit Facility within the framework of the National Strategy.

It was also recommended that control of the Serendi camp be moved from the Somali National Security Authority to the Ministry of Interior. The AU also agreed to provide support to the Somali DDR Secretariat and to develop an AMISOM program document to assist it in developing capacities to manage disengaged fighters in Reception Units. The AU also agreed to assist UNICEF and the Somali government in developing the national Child Protection Units (CPUs) within the Somali security services.

The AU is following up on all these recommendations. In September 2013, the AU received a formal request for assistance from the Somali Government. Pursuant to this request, the AU is organising training for the Somali DDR staff in the Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Centre in 2014. The AU is also assisting UNICEF to organise a learning mission to Uganda to provide a forum where the Ugandan CPU personnel can share their experiences with the Somali CPU personnel.