The AU DDR Resource and Research Centre serves as the focal point for public information on the DDR activities of the AU, RECs, RMs and Member States and the main public resource facility for disseminating information about the AU DDR activities to all its users. The AU aspires to become a dynamic DDR information centre serving AU staff as well as members of the public, government agencies, NGOs, diplomatic missions, the media, private sector, as well as scholars and students from universities, research institutions, and schools.

The AUDDRCP Resource and Research Centre coordinates all DDR resources, and provides opportunities for learning and information sharing. As such, the Resource and Research Centre will also network and attempt to harmonise the trainings and use of best practices in the African Centres of Excellence based in each of the RECs. Moreover, the AUDDRCP Resource and Research Centre will facilitate the process for the development, production and dissemination of DDR related publications. The process will include the identification and hiring of experts to draft the documents, organizing workshops to consult on the draft documents and the dissemination of the documents both as hard copies and electronically.

The Centre will initially be established as a library and information centre equipped with specialized publications, journals as well as guidance and training materials on DDR. As the Centre develops it will progressively become a forum for public discussions, conferences and/or trainings courses. Among the future objectives is to invite prominent personalities and experts in the area of DDR from the AU and other institutions to conduct workshops as well as training on all aspects of DDR planning and implementation. The Centre will also become networked with other DDR information hubs and research centres including the UN DDR Resource and Research Centre and other centres.